Khadi Spirit

"The Khadi Spirit means fellow-feeling with every human being on earth." - Mahatma Gandhi

Khadi, an ever-green metaphor of freedom, the essence of India's Swadeshi Spirit, has since long stood with us as a symbol of pride. Today, as the country adopts this new normal, we here at Khadi Sustainability can't find any reasons as to why we should do it without something that is truly ours. Something that is truly Swadeshi.

KHADI KAVACH is a cloth face mask made out of hand spun & hand woven cloth: Khadi and is a perfect option for people who are not suffering from medical conditions or having any breathing difficulties.

Our Purpose

We are in this together.


Protective. Sustainable. Swadeshi.


It's great, in the right use case.

It's Reusable. Sustainable.

KHADI KAVACH imbibes the essence of Khadi in its complete form, and therefore is completey reusable, and therefore sustainable. Take care while removing it, sanitise it properly, store it safely, and it's armour won't let you down.

For General Use Only.

KHADI KAVACH is not recommended for health workers or those working with or happen to come in contact with COVID-19 patients or those who are patients themselves. It is recommended for them to wear the prescribed protective gear.

Works Great In Pairs.

KHADI KAVACH should preferably be kept available in two sets, so either of them can be used while the other is put for cleaning.


Awareness is important.

Wash The Mask

Thoroughly wash and clean the KHADI KAVACH before wearing it.

Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands thoroughly before wearing KHADI KAVACH.

Signs Of Change

As soon as KHADI KAVACH becomes damp or humid, switch to another and clean the used one.

One At A Time

Never reuse KHADI KAVACH after single use without cleaning it.

Just Yours

Never share KHADI KAVACH with anyone. Every member in a family should have separate one.


Remove. Sanitise. Store.